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Setting Up Interests (using keyword)
Setting Up Interests (using keyword)

How to setup interests in your Personalize dashboard

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Creating interests is necessary for Personalize to be able to collect and give you the data you need. And it's easy!

  • First, enter your Interest name where it says "Enter Interest Name". This name should describe the product or service you are trying to understand if your contacts are most interested in

From here, creating interests is simple and you have two options for doing so:

  1. Create interests using our simple Keyword tool

  2. Create interests using the Advanced tool

By default the screen is setup to use the Keyword (simple) tool. Next you'll need to find and associate URLs to your Interest. Do this by:

  • Under URL Mapping type in keywords that are associated to your interest. The keyword(s) you type should be keywords that are included in URLs or Page Titles of your web pages. The editor will return all pages in your site that have your keyword(s) in the URL or Title. 

  • Click "Search"

  • If any URLs match your Keyword they will be displayed under "Matching URLs"

Notice that the keyword matching your query is highlighted blue and shows you if it appears in either the Page Title or URL

  •  Review the pages in this list and select all but checking the box next to Page Title or select individual URLs. The URLs you select should only be pages that you wish to associate to the Interest you're creating.   TIP: In most cases you only want one Interest associated to each URL. So while selecting URLs be sure you haven't already associated that URL to another Interest previously created

  • When you have the URLs selected you wish to associate, click "Create"

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