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Integrating Contact AI Personalization Data with HubSpot
Integrating Contact AI Personalization Data with HubSpot

This article describes how to integrate Personalize data into your HubSpot account using our native integration.

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HubSpot combined with the power of AI personalization data enables you to send the best possible emails to your database. With this integration you can:

  • Sync the top 3 interests of your contacts from Personalize to HubSpot (contact records)

  • Visually see the real-time top interests of your contacts on the contact record screen

  • Use the contact personalization data to create better-targeted email campaigns and sales call-downs

Follow the steps below to integrate with HubSpot:

  • Login to your Personalize account

  • Go to the menu and click "Settings" then "Integrations"

  • Find the HubSpot integration and click "Connect"

  • Clicking connect will redirect you to your HubSpot account and ask you to login if you aren't currently

  • If you have multiple HubSpot accounts, you'll be asked to choose an account

  • HubSpot will ask for you to grant access to Personalize which is needed to integrate the Interest data properly (note that Personalize does not modify any existing data or use any existing fields)

  • Click "Grant Access"

  • Once you grant access you will be redirected back to your Personalize account. At this point, your HubSpot integration should have "Disconnect" written to it indicating that HubSpot is now connected!

  • That's it!

What happens behind the scenes?:

  • Personalize created 3 fields in your HubSpot account on your contact records (Top, Second & Third Interest)

  • Each night the Personalize interest data is synced to HubSpot for any contacts that Personalize has collected data on

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