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Leveraging Personalize in HubSpot Emails
Leveraging Personalize in HubSpot Emails

This article describes how to integrate Personalize data in your HubSpot emails.

Written by Rochelle Willoughby
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To start using Personalize, connect the app through the HubSpot App Marketplace. The Personalize integration will automatically link to your HubSpot account.

Set Up Interests

To sort your website visitors into their most interested products or services, you will need to create interests in Personalize.

How to Add Interests

  1. Navigate to Interests in the left side menu

  2. Click + ADD INTEREST at the top right corner

  3. Add keywords from the URLS of your products pages, services pages, blog articles or any other website page

For more help, read this article:
Setting Up Interests (Using Keywords)

Create Lists in HubSpot

In order to dynamically change content based on customers interests, you will need to create HubSpot lists for each Personalize interest.

How to Create Personalize Interest Lists in HubSpot

  1. Navigate to Lists under Contacts in HubSpot 

  2. Click Create List at the top right

  3. Under Contact Properties, find Top Interest under Personalize - Human Automation

  4. Add in one of the interests you are tracking*

  5. Repeat for all of the Personalize interests you want to track

Create Top Interest Emails Using Smart Content

With Top Interest lists created, you can leverage HubSpot smart content modules to dynamically change content in emails. This can be used in workflow or blast emails.

How to Create Top Interest Emails

  1. Create an email in HubSpot 

  2. Hover the email module and click Make Smart

  3. Select Contact List Membership as the criteria and select your Personalize interest list you created in the previous slide

  4. Update the content on the left side editor based on the interest selected

Use Top Interests in Email Subject Lines

Leverage HubSpot Personalization Tokens to dynamically add contacts’ top interests in emails email subject lines.

How to Use Top Interest Personalization Tokens

  1. Create an email in HubSpot 

  2. Click Personalize on the right of the subject line

  3. Under Type select Contacts and under Property select Top Interest

  4. Add an appropriate default value for the Top Interest 

Step 2.

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