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Setting Up Personalize in BigCommerce
Setting Up Personalize in BigCommerce

This article describes how to set up Personalize for your BigCommerce store.

Written by Alyssa Crabbe
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Store URL cannot contain (custom domain is required).

Installation Steps

To set up Personalize, search and install Personalize from the BigCommerce app marketplace.

Check the PCI-DSS compliance box and click "Confirm.”

Select a plan and fill out the form. Click “Get Started.”

Check your email for the verification code. Enter the code to confirm your account, and then sign in.

Dashboard View:

Verifying the Tracking Code

The Personalize tracking code will be automatically installed upon sign-up. You can also verify/install/uninstall* the code by visiting the Settings / Tracking Code page.

*Uninstalling the tracking code may interrupt Personalize and prevent it from running correctly.

Another way to verify the tracking code is installed is to check the script on the BigCommerce Storefront / Script Manager page.

Adding Interests

Under the Setup Guide, click "Add Interests" or navigate to interest add page and create interests based on groups of similar website page URLs.

The algorithm will run at the next top of the hour. Allow it to run for 3-5 minutes to gather data on new interests.

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